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Project“75M PSV”won "2014 Fujian Province Science and Technology Progress Award Second Prize"


The provincial government awarded our "75M PSV", the multi-purpose PSV with high technology and high automation, Project "Second Prize of 2014 Fujian Province Science and Technology Progress Award". Meanwhile, the product was award…


Successful Delivery of DN68M-94


On 4:18 p.m., Apr. 17, 2016, DN68M-94 was delivered and sailed for the destination.


Keel Laying of 60M AHTS-16


On 15:00, Apr. 15, 2016, 60m AHTS-16 built for "COASTAL" was keel laid on 128 Berth!


Launching of DN78M-11


On 13:00, Mar. 10, 2016, DN78M-11 for "VROON" was launched successfully!

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