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Successful Launching of DN65M-V-4


65m offshore support vessel DN65M-V-4 was launched successfully on May 12. 2016.


Steel Cutting of 19.5m Offshore Wind Farm Maintenance and Service Vessel


On May 11, 2016, steel cutting of 19.5m Offshore Wind Farm Maintenance and Serivce Vessel was taken and the vessel opens up a new field of shiptype in our shipyard!


Sea Trial of 60M AHTS-15


On 9:00a.m., Apr. 29, 2016, the 60m AHTS-15 built for "COASTAL" sailed to sea area for sea trial, wish a triumphant return!


106M Ro-ro Passenger Ship DN-K106M-1 Contract Signing


On Apr. 23, 2016, one unit of 106M Ro-Ro Passenger Ship contract was signed successfully in our company.

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