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Keel Laying of DN-K106M-1


On 10:00 a.m., Jul. 20, 2016, 106m Ro-Ro Passenger Ship was keel laid on 20000T building berth successfully!


Successful Delivery of DN78M-7


On 8:00 a.m., Jun. 16, 2016, DN78M-7 for "VROON" was delivered successfully!


Keel Laying of DN19M-1


19.5M Offshore Wind Plant Operation and Maintenance Vessel was keel laid successfully on Jun. 29, 2016.


Delivery Ceremony for DN65M-V-1


Delivery ceremony fo 65M AHTS named "VOS CHALLENGE" was performed on Jun. 17, 2016. 65M AHTS builtd in our shipyard, boasting of its good quality and wide application, were well received by many users.

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